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 Welcome our site, Well Now!  We are here to help you with your self-health  needs and help demistify the health care system. We have strategies to help find out your personal weakness in health and wellness and help you strgthenen your health. We will show the most efficient and safest way to research your symptoms the web.  On the site, we will show you ways to enroll support people for your health or life.  Well Now! will show the right simpatico primary care doctor.

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Well Now! is your essential guideboook to navigating this complex and broken medical system and suggests real ways to improve your health. Dr. G. (Dominic Gaziano, M.D.) will provide answers to all of the above questions and more. He has been a practicing adult primary care doctor in the hospital and outpatient trenches. He’ll be your personal guide and give you practical and up-to-date solutions based on his 25 years of medical experience.  

You’ll find valuable strategies for taking care of yourself and practicing self-health. You’ll learn to deal with a three roadblocks to your optimal health: stress, fear and loneliness. Dr. G. will teach you how to find appropriate over-the-counter remedies, how to find the right doctor, and how to communicate your symptoms to health care professionals. He’ll help you determine when it’s appropriate to go to a minute clinic, urgent care or emergency room. And he’ll help you figure out how to budget for your health and find the right health insurance. 

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For over two decades DrG  been a relentless advocate for his lower and middle income inner-city patients, helping them find ways to take care of them despite often difficult insurance and medical system issues. Dr. G. draws upon his upbringing from his gregarious and vocal Italian family, using talk therapy with this patients. He takes a holistic approach to stress and psycho-social issues and believes that many times, talking things out first leads to less medication being prescribed. He is a firm believer in spending the time to gain a deeper understanding of his patients’ life stresses and events to help solve their medical problems 



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